Beef Cheeks


Literally the jaw muscle (masseter) from beef cattle. This cut of meat isn't very commonly found in butcher shops or meat markets, but is very flavorful. A tough piece of meat, it contains a lot of connective tissue that breaks down with long slow cooking such as a braise. Typically round and flat in shape, a single cheek will feed one to two people.


Translations: Liellopu Vaigi, Jautienos Skruostai, Carne de vită Obraz, Govedina Obrazi, Má thịt bò, Policzki wołowe, Beef Wangen, गोमांस गालों, Bochechas Beef, Говядина Щеки, Μάγουλα Βοδινό, لحوم البقر خدود, 쇠고기 궁둥이, Hovězí líčka, Baka Cheeks, 牛肉奇克斯, Galtes de res, Goveje meso Cheeks, Hovädzie líčka, Guance di manzo, בקר לחיים, Nötkött Cheeks, Говеђа Образи, ビーフチー, Joues de boeuf, Oksekød Kinder, Beef Kinn, Mejillas de res, Яловичина Щоки, Naudanliha Posket, Говеждо Бузи

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Pot roast, Chuck steak

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