Breadfruit Seed


Breadfruit seeds are the edible seed of the breadfruit; they have a nutty taste comparable to chestnuts. To prepare, boil the seeds until easily pierced with a fork (about 45 minutes). Peel off the shell and inner skin before eating.


Translations: Paprastasis duonmedis Sėklos, Breadfruit seminţe, Krušno Seed, Xa kê Seed, Seed chlebowego, Broodvrucht Seed, Breadfruit बीज, A fruta-pão de sementes, Хлебное дерево семенной, Αρτόδεντρο Seed, الالخبز البذور, 빵나무 종자, Chlebovník semen, Крушно семена, Rimas Buto, 面包树种子, Arbre del pa de llavors, Krušne Seed, Chlebovník semien, Pane Seed, עץ הלחם זרע, Brödfrukt Seed, Sukun Benih, パンの種子, Arbre à pain de semences, Brotfrucht Seed, Brødfrugt Seed, Brødfrukt Seed, Arbol del pan de semillas, Хлібне дерево насіннєвий, Leipäpuu Seed, Breadfruit семена



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