Turtle Egg

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The egg of a turtle. They are round eggs, served soft-boiled. They are eaten by peeling back the shell a little and sucking the liquid white out and then eating the congealed yolk. It is considered a delicacy and victim to common poaching (illegal harvesting, not cooking technique).


Other names: Turtle Eggs
Translations: Turtle Olu, Vėžlys Kiaušinių, Turtle ou, Jaja kornjača, कछुए अंडे, Egg Turtle, Черепаха Яйцо, Χελώνα αυγό, السلاحف البيض, 거북 계란, Turtle vejce, Telur penyu, 海龟蛋, Huevos de tortuga, Turtle vajcia, צב ביצה, Корњача јаја, タートルの卵, Turtle oeufs, Ous de tortuga, Черепаха Яйце, Turtle Яйце


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