Lily Bulb

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Starchy edible bulb of lily plant and is widely consumed in China, Korea and Japan. There are many species of lily with edible bulbs, but the most commonly grown ones for food in China are Lilium brownii, Lilium dauricum and Lilium pumilum. Dried bulb sections are also available in Asian markets. Fresh lily bulbs are in season from spring through late summer. They come vacuum-sealed in plastic and can be kept fresh unopened for a few weeks in the refrigerator.


Translations: リリーバルブ, Lily lemputė, زنبق اللمبة, Lily polttimo, Crin bec, 릴리 전구, לילי Bulb, Лили лампы, Lily bombilya, लिली बल्ब, Лілі лампи, 百合, Lily lampa, Лили сијалица, Лили Луковица


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