Amaranth Oil


Edible oil extracted from the seeds of the amaranth plant. It is light to medium-colored in body, and a good source of fatty acids and unsaturated fat.


Translations: Amarants Oil, Amaranth Nafta, Amaranth nafte, Amaranth dầu, Amaranth Olie, Amaranth तेल, Amaranth Petróleo, Масла амаранта, قطيفة النفط, 아마란스 오일, Amarant olej, Amaranto Oil, 苋菜油, Amaranto Petróleo, Amarant Oil, Amarant olej, Amaranto Oil, Amaranth שמן, Амарант нафте, アマランスオイル, Amaranth Öl, Amaranto Petroli, Масла амаранту, Amaranthista öljy, Амарант нефт



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