Roseheart, Watermelon Radish


Roseheart Radish or Watermelon Radish, is a ball-shaped radish, and 4 inches in diameter, has deep green shoulder on white skin and bright red flesh. Flesh is crispy with mild and sweet flavor, excellent for salad, garnish and cooking.


Translations: Roseheart, Arbūzi Rutki, Roseheart, arbūzas Ridikėlis, Roseheart, ridiche pepene verde, Roseheart, lubenica rotkvica, Roseheart, Dưa hấu củ cải, Roseheart, rzodkiewka Watermelon, Roseheart, watermeloen Radijs, Roseheart, मूली तरबूज, Roseheart, Rabanete melancia, Roseheart, арбузы Редька, Roseheart, Ρεπάνι Καρπούζι, Roseheart ، الفجل البطيخ, Roseheart, 수박 무, Roseheart, Meloun ředkvičky, Росехеарт, Лубеница Ротквица, Roseheart, pakwan labanos, Roseheart,西瓜萝卜, Roseheart, rave Síndria, Roseheart, Lubenica redkve, Roseheart, Meloun reďkovky, Roseheart, Ravanelli Watermelon, Roseheart, צנון אבטיח, Roseheart, Vattenmelon Rädisa, Roseheart, Lobak Semangka, Roseheart、スイカの大根, Roseheart, radis pastèque, Roseheart, Watermelon Radieschen, Roseheart, Vandmelon Radise, Roseheart, Watermelon reddik, Roseheart, rábano Sandía, Roseheart, кавуни Редька, Roseheart, Vesimeloni Retiisi, Roseheart, диня репички


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