A dark ale with a rich, occasionally bitter taste; the color and flavor come from roasting the barley. Some have underlying notes of chocolate or coffee. Despite the dark color, their alcohol content is low in comparison to other forms of beer. Guinness is an example of a stout. Imperial stouts (sometimes called Russian Imperial stouts because they were originally produced in Britain for export to Russia) are stronger, both in alcohol and in flavor.


Translations: Resns, Storulis, Robust, Jako pivo, Bia đen, Gruby, स्टाउट, Robusto, Толстый, شجاع, 뚱뚱한, Gemuk, Mataba, 烈性黑啤酒, Gordo, Corpulento, בירה, Стаут, スタウト, Gordo, Товстий, Tanakka, Як


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