Sea Grape


A tropical fruit native to South America frequently made into wine or jelly. They have a peppery flavor. There is a possible risk of poisoning, though not official. They are served fresh, but occasionally covered in sugar.


Other names: Seagrape, Green Caviar, Caulerpa Lentillifera
Translations: Jūras Vīnogu, Θάλασσα σταφυλιών, Jūros Vynuogių, البحر العنب, Mora z hrozna, 海葡萄, Marea de struguri, More grožđa, Moře z hroznů, הים ענבים, Си-Грейп, 바다 포도, Dagat ng ubas, समुद्र अंगूर, Raïm de Platja, Сі-Грейп, Anggur laut, 海ぶどう, Море грожђа, Uva de Playa, Вид дърво с гроздовидни плодове


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