Black Currant


The blackcurrant is a shrub growing to 2 m heigh with woody branches. The leaves are deeply lobed. The white flowers are rather small and grow show in short clusters. During summer the familiar small, shiny, dark purple berries are formed.


Other names: Cassis, Black Currents, Blackcurrant
Translations: Upeņu, Juodųjų serbentų, Coacăz negru, Black currant, Czarna porzeczka, Zwarte bes, काले currant, Groselha-preta, Черная смородина, Μαύρη σταφίδα, الكشمش الأسود, 블랜커렌트, Černý rybíz, Црна рибизла, Black kurant, 黑醋栗, Negre grosella, Črnega ribeza, Čierne ríbezle, Ribes nero, שחור צימוקים, Svarta vinbär, Kismis Hitam, カシス, Cassis, Schwarze Johannisbeere, Solbær, Solbær, Negro grosella, Чорна смородина, Mustaherukka, Касис

Preparation and Use

Cleaning: I discovered that is you let them dry for at least 24 hours..some of the blossom ends fall off...then I gently rolled them with my hand inside a small cardboard box and the rest came off easily...don't wash them first..that doesn't work...wash aflter and they stay unbroken...believe me it works !



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