Oatmeal Stout


Oatmeal Stout also makes for a great session beer; that is, a beer that you can drink for a long time. without getting out of control or obliterating your palate.


Translations: Auzu Stout, Avižiniai dribsniai Stout, Fulgi de ovăz Stout, Zobena kaša Stout, Bột yến mạch Stout, Owsianka Stout, Havermout Stout, दलिया स्टाउट, Овсяная Стаут, دقيق الشوفان ستاوت, 오트밀 스타우트, Ovesné vločky Stout, Otmil mataba, 燕麦斯托特, Avena Stout, Ovsene Stout, Ovsené vločky Stout, שיבולת שועל סטאוט, Havremjöl Stout, Овсена каша крепак, オートミールスタウト, Gruau Stout, Haferflocken Stout, Havregryn Stout, Havremel Stout, Avena Stout, Вівсяна Стаут, Kaurapuuro Stout, Овесена каша Стаут



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