Abbamare Cheese


From Sardinia, abbamare is a semi-soft cheese made from a mixture of cows’ and sheep’s milk.


Other names: Abbamare
Translations: Abbamare Siers, Abbamare Sūriai, Abbamare Brânză, Abbamare sira, Abbamare Kaas, Abbamare पनीर, Abbamare Queijo, Abbamare сыра, Abbamare Τυρί, Abbamare الجبن, Abbamare 치즈, Abbamare Sýry, Abbamare Keju, Abbamare奶酪, Abbamare Formatge, Abbamare Sir, Abbamare Syry, Abbamare Formaggio, Abbamare גבינה, Abbamare Ost, Аббамаре сир, Abbamareチーズ, Abbamare fromage, Abbamare Queso, Abbamare сиру, Abbamare Juusto, Abbamare сирене

Physical Description

Mild strength, firm texture with a few holes

Colors: white interior

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet and acidic
Mouthfeel: Mild strength, Firm texture with a few holes

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what is the nutrition info for the cheese