Australian Spotted Mackerel


The Australian spotted mackerel, also known as Spotty Mackerel and Spotty, is an iridescent blue green color on the upper back and flanks becoming silvery on the sides with a silvery white belly area. A broad row of dark spots run along the body from just behind head to the tail. The dorsal fin is blue and lacks the white patch of the School Mackerel the pectoral fins are small and dark with anal fin more silvery white in color.

The fish is found in the western Pacific, and feeds mostly on anchovies and sardines.


Translations: Austrālijas Plankumainā Makrele, Australijos Dėmėtoji Skumbrės, Macrou australian Spotted, Australski uočena Skuša, Úc đốm Cá thu, Australian Spotted Makrela, Australische gevlekte makreel, ऑस्ट्रेलियाई देखा मैकेरल, Sarda Spotted australiano, Австралийский Споттед Скумбрия, Αυστραλιανή Spotted Σκουμπρί, رصدت الإسقمري الاسترالية, 호주 점박이 고등어, Australský Spotted Makrela, Australia Spotted Makarel, Australian batik-batik mataan, 澳大利亚斑鲭鱼, Verat tacat d'Austràlia, Avstralski Pikasta Skuša, Austrálsky Spotted Makrela, Australian Sgombro Spotted, מקרל המנומר האוסטרלי, Australiska Spotted Makrill, Аустралијски Пјегава Скуша, オーストラリアの斑点サバ, Australie Maquereau tacheté, Australian Plettet Makrel, Australsk Spotted Makrell, Caballa manchado de Australia, Австралійський Споттед Скумбрія, Australian Täplikkäät Makrilli, Австралийски пъстър Скумрия


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