Quahog Clam


A hard-shelled clam from the cold northwestern water of the US. Sizes range - from smallest to largest - Littleneck, Topneck, Cherrystone and Chowder. Its colors vary range from white and gray to dark brown.

They are often baked, steamed, stewed, in chowder. Smaller sizes are often eaten on the half shell. They are also popular to freeze in the shell.


Other names: Protothaca Staminea, Round Clam, Chowder Clams, Quahaug, Hard-Shell Clam, Hard Clam, Cherrystone Clams, Littleneck Clams, Hard-Shelled Clam, Mercenaria Mercenaria, Quahogs, Topneck Clams
Translations: Quahog aizcirst, Μύδι Αχιβάδα, Kietoji venera Clam, Quahog الكتوم, Druh jedlého lastúrniky Clam, Куахог Клам, クアホッグクラム, Quahog 클램, Druh jedlého mlže Clam, Nghêu Quahog, Quahog צדפה, Квахог Клэм, Quahog paros, Quahog क्लैम, Quahog Cloïssa, Квахог Клем, 奎霍格克拉姆, Quahog Simpukka, Quahog Almeja, Quahog мида

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