Royal Burgundy Bean


Royal Burgundy Bean is one of those rare beans that are so beautiful one hates to eat it. Violet-purple on the outside and bright green inside. It is a great vegetable to engage children with when wanting to teach them about gardening for it is fun for kids to grow and has great flavor. The Buckskin has bright color seeds make it a great learning tool. Upright in size, 24 inch tall plants hold their pencil-shaped pods off the ground. The 6 inch long pods turn green after cooking, providing a built-in blanching indicator. Like its predecessor, the Royalty Purple Pod, Royal Burgundy performs exceptionally well under cool conditions. Rich, delicious bean flavor. Fantastic for soups and a great fiber source.


Translations: Royal Βουργουνδία Bean, المالكة بورغوندي بقول, Royal Burgenland Bean, Royal Borgonha Bean, ロイヤルブルゴーニュビーン, Royal Burgundija Bean, Royal Burgund Bean, Royal Burgundsko Bean, Royal Bourgogne Bean, רויאל בורגונדי Bean, Королевский Бургундии Bean, Royal Bourgondië Bean, 로얄 부르고뉴 콩, रॉयल बरगंडी बीन, Royal Borgonya Bean, Королівський Бургундії Bean, 皇家勃艮第豆, Краљевски Бургундија Бин, Royal Borgoña Bean, Роял Бургундия Бийн



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