Autumn Olives


Autmn olive berries are the fruit of a large shrub or small tree with fragrant yellow flowers, silvery-green leaves and silvery-mottled red fruit. An invasive plant, this shrub now grows wild throughout the eastern United States, from Maine to Alabama and west to Wisconsin.


Other names: Autumn Berries, Autumnberry
Translations: Rudens Olīvas, Rudens Alyvuogės, Toamna Măsline, Jesen Masline, Thu Olives, Jesienią Oliwki, Herfst Olijven, शरद ऋतु जैतून, Autumn Oliveiras, Осень гора, Φθινόπωρο Ελιές, الخريف الزيتون, 가을 올리브, Podzimní Olivy, Autumn Zaitun, Autumn oliba, 秋橄榄, Tardor Oliveres, Jesen oljke, Jesenné Olivy, Autunno Olive, סתיו הזיתים, Hösten Oliver, Јесен Маслине, 秋のオリーブ, Automne Olives, Efterår Oliven, Høst Oliven, Otoño Olivos, Осінь гора, Syksy Oliivit, Есен маслини

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