Beef Shortribs


Beef Shortribs are fabricated cuts obtained from Beef Chuck, Rib or Short Plate primal cuts. This tender cut of meat is usually eaten rare or medium done and is best suited for roasting, broiling and grilling.


Translations: Liellopu Shortribs, Jautienos Shortribs, Carne de vită Shortribs, Govedina Shortribs, Thịt bò Shortribs, Shortribs Wołowina, गोमांस Shortribs, Shortribs Beef, Говядина Shortribs, Shortribs Βοδινό, لحوم البقر Shortribs, 쇠고기 Shortribs, Hovězí Shortribs, Baka Shortribs, 牛肉Shortribs, Pota de res, Goveje meso Shortribs, Hovädzie Shortribs, Manzo Shortribs, בקר Shortribs, Nötkött Shortribs, Говеђа Схортрибс, ビーフShortribs, Shortribs boeuf, Beef Rippenbiest, Oksekød Shortribs, Pata de res, Яловичина Shortribs, Naudanliha Shortribs, Говеждо Shortribs



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