Turbinado Sugar


Turbinado sugar is an unrefined sugar that is crystallized through evaporation. The crystals are coarser than refined sugar but finer than Demerara. The coarseness of the grains makes it unsuitable for certain recipes, such as some cakes and cookies, but generally it can be used the same way as white sugar. Turbinado is a suitable sugar for vegetarians and vegans because it is unrefined; charred animal bones are frequently used to refine sugar.


Translations: Turbinado Cukurs, Turbinado Cukrus, Turbinado Zahăr, Turbinado šećera, Sugar Turbinado, Rietsuiker, Turbinado चीनी, Turbinado Açúcar, Turbinado сахара, Turbinado Ζάχαρη, Turbinado السكر, Turbinado 설탕, Turbinado Cukr, Turbinado Gula, Turbinado糖, El sucre turbinat, Turbinado Cukor, Turbinado Zucchero, Turbinado סוכר, Turbinado Socker, Турбинадо шећера, 中白糖, Turbinado sucre, El azúcar turbinado, Turbinado цукру, Turbinado Sokeri, Turbinado захарта

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: White sugar, Demerara sugar


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