Bu Zhi Chun Oolong Tea


A rarely seen Mount WuyiOolong with a light taste .It is a traditional Chinese type of tea somewhere in between green and black in oxidation, ranging from 10%% to 70%% oxidation. In Chinese tea culture, semi-oxidized oolong teas are collectively grouped as qingcha (literally blue-green tea). It has a taste more akin to green tea than to black tea: it lacks the rosy, sweet aroma of black tea but it does not have the stridently grassy vegetal notes that typify green tea. The best Oolong has a nuanced flavor profile.Grown in Wuyi Mountains. It is commonly brewed to be strong and bitter, yet leaving a faintly sweet aftertaste.


Translations: Bu Zhi Chun Oolong Τσάι, Naujausi Zhi Chun Oolong arbata, بو تشى تشون شاي التنين بالسواد., Бу Зхи Чун Оолонг чај, 歩隲チョンウーロン茶, 깜부 Zhi 천 우롱차, Bu Zhi Chun Oolong-Tee, Bu Zhi Chun Trà Oolong, Bu Zhi Chun Oolong תה, Bu Zhi Chun Teh Oolong, Bu Zhi Chun Oolong thee, Bu Zhi Chun Oolong te, बुउ Zhi चुन Oolong चाय, Бу Чун Чжи Улун, 步粗樗嗯乌龙茶, Bu Zhi Chun Oolong Te, Бу Чун Чжи Улун, Бу Жи Чун Oolong Tea



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