Butter Clam


Butter clams are often eaten raw and they make good steamers, and fantastic chowders.

Found on the entire West Coast of North America, including Alaska, the shells are up to five inches in length. They are heavy, oval to square-shaped and externally marked with concentric rings. When young, the Butter Clam is yellowish in color and they change to a grayish-white with age. As butter clams become larger they get more tough. To tenderize, run the tougher portions through a meat grinder.


Translations: Sviests Clam, Sviestas Clam, Unt Clam, Maslac Clam, Bơ Nghêu, Masło Clam, Boter Clam, मक्खन क्लैम, Manteiga Clam, Масло Clam, Βούτυρο Clam, زبدة الكتوم, 버터 조개, Máslo Clam, Маслац Клам, Mantikilya kabibi, 奶油蛤, Mantega Clam, Maslo Clam, Maslo Clam, Burro Clam, חמאה צדפה, Smör Clam, Mentega Clam, バターあさり, Beurre Clam, Smør Clam, Smør Clam, Mantequilla Clam, Масло Clam, Butter mussla, Масло мида

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Cherry stone clams, Quahogs

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