Yellowgage Plum


Fruit, medium sized; round, and a little flattened at both ends; dimpled at the apex, and marked on one side by a shallow suture, which extends from the stalk to the apex. Skin, tender, yellowish green, but when fully ripe becoming of a deeper yellow, clouded with green, marked with crimson spots, and covered with thin ashy-grey bloom. Stalk, half an inch to three-quarters long, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh, greenish yellow, tender, melting, and very juicy, with a rich, sugary, and most delicious flavour. It separates freely from the stone.

One of the richest flavoured of all the plums; ripe in the middle and end of August.


Translations: Yellowgageプラム, Yellowgage Slyvų, Yellowgage بلوم, Yellowgage Slivovica, Yellowgage prune, Yellowgage šljiva, Yellowgage Slivovice, Yellowgage Mai, Yellowgage שזיף, Иелловгаге шљива, Yellowgage 매화, Yellowgage kaakit-akit, Yellowgage बेर, Yellowgage Ciruela, Yellowgage Плам, Yellowgage梅花, Yellowgage Плам, Yellowgage Pruna, Yellowgage сливи



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