Caesar's Mushroom‎


An expensive mushroom with a shiny red-orange cap, yellow gills and stalk and a saclike cup at the base of the stalk. Caesar's or Ovoli (because of it looks like an egg when very young) mushrooms are found in the wild and is highly prized for it's delicate taste and exquisite texture.

It was said that this was admired by Roman emperors hence the name Caesar.


Other names: Ovoli Mushroom
Translations: Caesar's Sēņu, Cezario Grybavimas, Lui Cezar ciuperci, Caesar's Mushroom, Caesar của nấm, Cezara Mushroom, Caesar's Mushroom, सीज़र मशरूम, Cogumelo César, Цезаря грибов, Μανιτάρι του Καίσαρα, قيصر الفطر, 시저의 버섯, Caesar je Houbová, Caesar Jamur, Caesar's kabute, 凯撒的蘑菇, Bolet de Cèsar, Caesar's Mushroom, Caesar je Hubová, Fungo di Cesare, קיסר של אינפקטד, Caesar's Mushroom, Цезар је гљива, シーザーのキノコ, César champignons, Caesar's Mushroom, Caesar's Mushroom, Caesar's Mushroom, Seta de César, Цезаря грибів, Caesar's Mushroom, Цезар гъби



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