Bupleurum Root


Bupleurum root is bitter and pungent in taste, and cooling (anti-inflammatory) in action. It releases internal tension and lowers mental stress, anxiety and anger; reduces dizziness and vertigo; warms coldness of hands and feet caused by tension; stimulates the immune system; improves circulation; reduces fever and liver inflammation; stimulates bile flow; protects the liver; and improves digestion.


Translations: ミシマサイコ根, Gaivenis Root, Bupleurum الجذر, Bupleurum Koreňové, Bupleurum 루트, Bupleurum Kořenové, Przewiercień Root, Буплеурум корена, Goudscherm Root, Bupleurum रूट, Bupleurum רוט, Володуш кореневої, Bupleurum Raíz, 柴胡, Володуш корневой, Bupleurum Arrel, Bupleurum Корен



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