Bucheron Cheese


Bucheron is a goat's milk cheese native to the Loire Valley in France. It is semi-aged, ripening for only 5 to 10 weeks. It is produced in short logs that are sliced and sold as small rounds. Soft, yet semi-firm in texture, it has a somewhat mild flavor when young, but becomes sharper as it matures.


Translations: Bucheron Siers, Bucheron Sūriai, Bucheron Brânză, Bucheron sira, Bucheron Kaas, Bucheron पनीर, Bucheron Queijo, Bucheron сыра, Bucheron Τυρί, Bucheron الجبن, Bucheron 치즈, Bucheron Sýry, Bucheron Keju, 比舍奶酪, Bucheron Formatge, Bucheron Sir, Bucheron Syry, Bucheron Formaggio, Bucheron גבינה, Bucheron Ost, Буцхерон сир, Bucheronチーズ, Bucheron fromage, Bucheron Queso, Bucheron сиру, Bucheron Juusto, Bucheron сирене



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