Chinese Rose Wine


A clear sorghum liquor distilled with rock sugar and rose petals, about 46%% alcohol. It is primarily used in cooking, though it is also hailed as "China's Brandy" and used in cocktails.


Other names: Rose Wine, Rose Whiskey, Rose Baijiu, Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, 玫瑰露酒, Rose Essence Wine
Translations: Ķīniešu sārtvīns, Kinų rožinis vynas, Chinezi vin rose, Kineski ružičasto vino, Trung Hoa hồng Rượu, Chiński wina różowe, Chinese Rose Wijn, चीनी गुलाब वाइन, Chinês Rose Wine, Китайский Розовое вино, Κινέζικα Ροζέ Οίνος, روز النبيذ الصينية, 중국어 로즈 와인, Čínština růžové víno, Cina Rose Wine, Intsik Rose Wine, 中国玫瑰酒, Xina Vi Rosat, Kitajski Rose Wine, Čínština ružové víno, Chinese Vino Rosato, סינית רוז יין, Kinesiska Rose Vin, Кинески розеа, 中国語ロゼワイン, Chinois Rose Wine, Chinese Rose Wein, Kinesisk Rose Vin, Kinesisk Rose Vin, China Vino Rosado, Китайський Рожеве вино, Kiinan Rose-viinit, Китайски Розе

Physical Description

The wine is sold in glass bottles and is a clear liquid.

Colors: Clear

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Spicy, Salty
Food complements: Pork
Beverage complements: Grenadine
Substitutes: Brandy, Shao xing wine

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Wine made in China in glass bottles.
Buying: Hard to find in the US. Try Chinese and Asian food stores and markets, also gourmet stores. Can be ordered on line.
Procuring: It is made from sorghum wine (gao liang jiu) and distilled rose petals, sugar and salt.

Preparation and Use

Used to flavor dishes like roasted pork, and in cocktails. Here is a cocktail recipe:

Night rose -
½ rose wine
¼ limejuice
¼ grenadine

Add to crushed ice, stir, and serve in short glass.

Conserving and Storing

Store with the lid closed tightly in a cool, dark cabinet away from a heat source.


Made in China.

History: In Chinese the word for alcohol "jiu" is used to mean all types of alcoholic beverages, from 'pijiu' (beer) to liquors (just called 'jiu') to grape wine ('putao jiu').


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