Skate Wing


The meat from a cartilaginous flat fish, similar to a stringray. Formerly considered a "trash fish," it has become much more popular with flaky white, sweet meat in long, separated strands that run along the line of the bone and making it easy to eat.


Other names: Skate, Ray
Translations: Raja Wing, Skate Πτέρυγα, تزلج الجناح, L'aile de raie, Patina Wing, Wing skate, סקייט כנף, 斯卡特荣, 스케이트 윙, Isketing Wing, स्केट विंग, Skate крыла, Skate Ala, Skate крила, スケートウィング, Клизати крила, Skate Ala, Skate Крило

Physical Description

A skate wing is a piece of flexible cartilage that is taken from a skate or ray. The surface texture is fairly rough.

Colors: Brown, gray, off-white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, savory
Mouthfeel: Crunchy, Crispy
Food complements: Oninon, Red bell pepper
Wine complements: Red wine

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: It is absolutely necessary to buy skate wings that are as fresh as they can be because this is the key factor in successfully cooking skate wings.
Buying: Skate wings are available at various fish markets but they might not be widely available.
Procuring: The skate wings are hunted in the ocean.

Preparation and Use

Once the skate wing has been cut off, chop of the thick outer layer, revealing the inside which is meant to be cooked. Then cook the inside cartilage.

Cleaning: The skate wing should be washed prior to cutting off the thick skin and then it would be wise to wash the cartilage on the inside.

Conserving and Storing

Keep skate wings as cold as possible without freezing them but make sure to use them almost immediately because freshness is a necessity.



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