Potato Starch


Potato starch is a gluten free powder, often used to thicken sauces or soups. Its texture and appearance are similar to that of flour.


Other names: Katakuriko
Translations: Kartupeļu ciete, Bulvių krakmolas, Amidon din cartofi, Krumpirova škroba, Tinh bột khoai tây, Skrobi ziemniaczanej, Aardappelzetmeel, आलू स्टार्च, Fécula de batata, Картофельный крахмал, Άμυλο πατάτας, نشا البطاطس, 감자 전분, Bramborový škrob, Кромпира Скроб, Patatas almirol, 马铃薯淀粉, De fècula de patata, Krompirjevega škroba, Zemiakový škrob, Fecola di patate, עמילן תפוחי אדמה, Potatisstärkelse, Kentang Pati, ジャガイモ澱粉, Pommes de terre féculières, Kartoffelstärke, Kartoffelstivelse, Potetstivelse, De fécula de patata, Картопляний крохмаль, Perunatärkkelys, Картофено нишесте

Physical Description

Potato starch is starch extracted from potatoes. The plant cells of the root tuber of potatoes plant contains starch grains (leucoplast). To extract the starch, the potatoes are crushed, the starch grains are released from the destroyed cellskjhbgh. The starch is then washed out and dried to powder.Potato starch contains typical large oval spherical granules, their size ranges between 5 and 100 μm. Potato starch is a very refined type of starch, containing minimal amount of protein or fat. This gives the powder a clear white colour, and the cooked starch typical characteristics as neutral taste, good clarity, high binding strength, long texture and a minimal tendency of foaming or yellowing of the solution.

Colors: white

Tasting Notes

Flavors: bland
Substitutes: Cornstarch

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: In cooking, potato starch is often considered a substitute thickener for cornstarch or white flour. It has a higher heat point than cornstarch, so it may be superior for certain foods that require high temperatures.
Buying: You’ll find many types of potato starch on the market, some in organic forms if you want to avoid pesticides. It is occasionally sold as starch flour or potato flour instead, but usually all names refer to the same starch.
Procuring: Potato starch is made through an extensive process of washing, sometimes cooking, and then separating the starch present in potato cell walls so that it can be made into powdered or liquid form.

Preparation and Use

folks who want nice thick gravy, or soups or stews, but haven’t been able to achieve this with flour due to gluten intolerance, can use potato starch instead with excellent results. Many people especially prefer starch made from potatoes or corn when thickening sauces because it can help the sauces remain translucent; whereas flour creates a more muddied appearing sauce


History: The third method, invented by Kirchoff in 1811, is to convert potato starch into syrup by oil of vitriol. For fermenting 6 cwt. of potato starch, the mashing tub , which must be lined with lead, should contain 500 gallons, be covered at top, except a trap, furnished with a stirrer, having several wings, and two discharge cocks, one even with the bottom, the other about six inches above it.1937 - SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham has had the same great taste since its first introduction in 1937. However, in the UK the recipe has been modified slightly by adding a small amount of potato starch to prevent the jelly from forming around the meat. This ...SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham has had the same great taste since its first introduction in 1937. However, in the UK the recipe has been modified slightly by adding a small amount of potato starch to prevent the jelly from forming around the meat. This modification has not affected SPAM® and it still tastes as delicious as it always has! Ingredients Pork (89%), salt, potato starch, water, ham (2%), sugar, stabiliser: trisodium diphosphate, flavourings,antioxidant.Jun 13, 1994 - Potato starch could be the perfect substitute for silicone in breast implants Dutch researchers at a potatoprocessing firm have claimed The Avebe company has won a $54000 government grant to investigate how potato starch implants might replace silicone.Dec 9, 2008 - By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 09-Dec-2008. Avebe has announced two new applications in its Etenia range of potato starches, including as a means to reduce fat content in cakes by up to 30 per cent. Etenia Legato, the starch aimed at cake manufacturers, has been developed by Avebe .


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