Jaggery is a natural sweetener made by concentrating sugarcane juice. It is a dark, coarse, unrefined sugar.

Jaggery is very popular in India and is made from sugar cane by a method similar to that used to make maple syrup. After pressing juice out of the cane, the sweet sap is boiled down while people help stir the thickening syrup.

The finished product has a distinctive taste and can have a consistency as soft as honey or as solid as fudge.


Other names: গুড় Guṛ, బెల్లము, வெல்லம் / கருப்பட்டி, गुर
Translations: ジャガリー, الحرفيه, Jagger, Açúcar mascavo, Thốt nốt, תמרים, Јаггери, गुड़, Sucre de palmera, Неочищений пальмовий цукор, 棕榈, Неочищенный пальмовый сахар, Azúcar de palmera

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Turbinado sugar

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