A dairy product of churned milk or cream, usually from cows. Butter is used as a spread and in cooking, for sautéing, frying, and baking. It remains solid when refrigerated, but softens at room temperature and melts at high heat. Commercial butter is about 80%% butterfat and 15%% water.

India produces and consumes more butter than any other country, followed by the U.S. and then France.


Translations: Sviests, Sviestas, Unt, Maslac, Bơ, Masło, Boter, मक्खन, Manteiga, Сливочное масло, Βούτυρο, زبدة, 버터, Máslo, Бутер, Mantikilya, 黄油, Mantega, Maslo, Maslo, Burro, חמאה, Smör, Mentega, バター, Beurre, Smør, Smør, Mantequilla, Вершкове масло, Voi, Масло

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Margarine



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