Bullseye Puffer Fish


The upper head and body are various shades of brown, gray, and white; the underside is pale,the Bullseye Puffer's back and side are normally covered with numerous, very small dark brown spots, but the fins and belly are free of spots. It has an elongated snout.


Translations: Bullseye lodeszivs Zivis, Bullseye Teismui pateiktos pastabos Žuvys, Bullseye Puffer, de peşte, Bullseye puffer riba, Bullseye Cá Nóc, Ryb Puffer Bullseye, बुल्सआई Puffer मछली, Буллсай Пуффер рыбы, Bullseye Ψάρια Puffer, السمكة المنتفخة الأسماك بولس], 불즈아이의 호흡기 수산, Bullseye Puffer Ryby, Ikan puffer Bullseye, Bullseye botete Isda, 河豚鱼布兹艾, Bullseye peix globus, Bullseye Puffer Ryby, Bullseye דגים המשאף, Bullseye blåsfisk, Буллсеие Пуффер Риба, ブルズアイフグ, Poisson-globe Bullseye, Bullseye kuglefisk Fisk, Bullseye puffer fisk, Bullseye pez globo, Буллсай Пуффер риби, Napakymppi Puskurimuisti Fish, Булсай жа риба



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