Balegal Pomegranate


Balegal (originated in San Diegim Calif) is a variety of pomegranate which is an exotic fruit, whose juice has gained in popularity since it was first marketed in North America, and is considered a superfruit because it is loaded with vitamins C and B, potassium, folic acid and iron.


Translations: Balegal Granātāboli, Balegal Granatai, Balegal Rodii, Balegal nar, Balegal lựu, Balegal Granatowy, Balegal Granaatappel, Balegal अनार, Balegal Romã, Balegal граната, Balegal Ρόδια, Balegal الرمان, Balegal 석류, Balegal Granátové jablko, Balegal Delima, Balegal granada, Balegal石榴, Balegal granada, Balegal Granatno jabolko, Balegal Granátové jablko, Balegal Melograno, Balegal רימון, Balegal Granatäpple, Балегал Нар, Balegalザクロ, Balegal grenade, Balegal Granatapfel, Balegal Granatæbler, Balegal granada, Balegal граната, Balegal Granaattiomena, Balegal Нар



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