Brazilian Guava


Round or pear-shaped fruit similar in size and appearance to the common guava. The rind is yellow, the pulp white and acidic with a guava-strawberry flavor.


Translations: Brazīlijas Guava, Brazilijos Guava, Guava brazilian, Brazilski Guava, Brazil ổi, Brazylijska Guava, Braziliaanse Guava, ब्राजील अमरूद, Goiaba brasileira, Бразильские Гуава, Βραζιλίας Γκουάβα, الجوافة البرازيلي, 브라질 구아바, Brazilský Guava, Brazilian Jambu, Brazilian bayabas, 巴西番石榴, Guayaba del Brasil, Brazilski Guava, Brazílsky Guava, גויאבה ברזילאית, Бразилски Гуава, ブラジルグアバ, Goyavier du Brésil, Brasilianische Guave, Brasilianske Guava, Brasiliansk Guava, Guayaba de Brasil, Бразильські Гуава, Brasilian Guava, Бразилски Guava



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