Bebi Sorrento


A cows' milk cheese similar in style to Caciocavallo sorrentino. Produced near the Sorrentine Peninsula in Naples, Italy. Because it is young, the cheese is less compact and lighter in color, the flavor is so much more delicate. Hence the name "bebe", it is the younger version of Sorrento cheese. Usually the diameter is 5-6cm height of 10-12 with a dominant weight of 500 gr. It is made in the same style as Sorrento: the milk from two milkings, whole, is stored in bins or tanks insulated refrigerated at 4 until the next morning. The milk is heated to rennet coagulation. Liquid calf rennet is then added. After the clot is broken by hand the paste is then cooked for a few minutes to about 50 . After about 10-12 hours of aging, it is cut by hand or mechanically and then spun in wooden vats or manual steel vats. The spinning is done by adding water to about 90-95 for 4-5 minutes trying to absorb as little water as possible. Salting is double dipping in brine: the first in the 12-14%% solution of salt and lasts about 5-6 hours at 20 C and a second to 16-18%% for 2-3 hours at about 15 C. It's a product of relatively recent manufacturing, created to be a delicate cheese to taste less strong, especially by tourists in the area who prefer that taste, compared to the more marked and stronger cheese.


Translations: Μπέμπη Sorrento, Bebi Sorentas, بيبى سورينتو, Bebiソレント, Bebi סורנטו, Беби Сорренто, Bebi Сорренто, 贝比索伦托, Bebi Сорренто, Begudes Sorrento, Bebi Соренто

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Caciocavallo sorrentino, sorrentino



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