Acceglio Cheese


A fresh skimmed cows’ milk cheese made in the area of Acceglio in Piedmont. It is a summer cheese with a slightly tangy taste.

In production the raw milk is brought to about 18-20 degrees Celsius, adding natural sheeps' rennet (curdles the milk). After coagulation, the mass is placed in special stoves, after giving it a round shape. It ages for 2 to 3 days.

It is a rare product as it is not produced widely.


Other names: Acceglio
Translations: Acceglio Siers, Acceglio Sūriai, Acceglio Brânză, Acceglio sira, Acceglio Kaas, Acceglio पनीर, Acceglio Queijo, Acceglio сыра, Acceglio Τυρί, Acceglio الجبن, Acceglio 치즈, Acceglio Sýry, Acceglio Keju, 阿切廖奶酪, Acceglio Formatge, Acceglio Sir, Acceglio Syry, Acceglio Formaggio, Acceglio גבינה, Acceglio Ost, Аццеглио сир, アッチェーリオチーズ, Acceglio fromage, Acceglio Queso, Acceglio сиру, Acceglio Juusto, Acceglio сирене

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