Yellow Beans


They are also called wax beans, this snap (string) beans come from golden yellow pods. Yellow Snap Beans are prepared and eaten just like green snap beans, and are low in calories. They are rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.


Other names: Yellow Snap Beans
Translations: Yellow Pupas, LCD Pupelės, Galben Fasole, Žuta grah, Đậu Vàng, Fasola żółty, Gele boontjes, पीले रंग की फलियां, Фасоль, Κίτρινο Φασόλια, الأصفر والفول, 황색 콩, Žlutá Fazole, Kacang Kuning, Yellow beans, 黄豆, Groc frijoles, Fižol Yellow, Žltá Fazuľa, Giallo Fagioli, צהוב שעועית, Gul Bönor, Пасуљ жути, イエロービーンズ, Haricots jaunes, Gelbe Bohnen, Gul Bønner, Gul Beans, Amarillo Frijoles, Квасоля, Keltainen Pavut, Жълти зърна



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