Barley Flour


A nutty flavored, fine powder made from grinding whole barley grain. Barley flour contains less gluten than regular wheat flour and is naturally low in fat.

Barley flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour in many recipes but because of its low gluten content is often mixed with a small amount of wheat flour to improve the quality of the finished product.


Other names:
Translations: Miežu milti, Miežių miltai, Faina de orz, Ječam brašna, Bột lúa mạch, Mąka jęczmienna, Gerstemeel, जौ आटा, A farinha de cevada, Ячменной муки, Κριθάρι Αλεύρι, طحين الشعير, 보리 밀가루, Ječná mouka, Barley Tepung, 大麦面粉, Farina de Ordi, Ječmenova moka, Jačmenná múka, Farina di orzo, בארלי קמח, Kornmjöl, Јечменог брашна, バーリー小麦粉, Orge Flour, Gerstenmehl, Byg Mel, Bygg Flour, Harina de Cebada, Ячмінного борошна, Ohrajauhoja, Ечемичено брашно



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