Amber/Red Ale


Amber Ale is a variety of beers that range in color from light golden to deep red. They are slow-fermenting and are considered somewhat richer than pale ale,with a medium body.


Other names: American Red Ale, American Amber Ale
Translations: アンバーエール, العنبر البيرة, 앰버 에일, Ale Amber, Янтарный Ale, Amber serbesa, एम्बर यवसुरा, Ambar Ale, Бурштиновий Ale, 琥珀阿勒, Амбер Але, Ambar Ale, Амбър Ale

Physical Description

Colors: Typically amber to red body with a light head.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Malt, caramel



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