Choline is a chemical similar to the B-vitamins, and is often lumped in with them, although it is not (yet) an "official" B-vitamin. Although its entire mechanism of action, particularly how it interacts with other nutrients, is not completely understood, it seems to often work in concert with folate and an amino acid called methionine. Although the human body can make some choline it is generally recognized that it is important to get dietary choline as well.


Translations: Holīna, Cholino, Colină, Kolin, Choliny, Kolin, Colina, Холин, Χολίνη, الكولين, 콜린, Cholin, Kolin, 胆碱, Colina, Holin, Cholín, Colina, כולין, Kolin, Холин, コリン, Cholin, Cholin, Colina, Холін, Koliini, Холин



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