Bancha Tea


Sencha harvested as a third or fourth flush tea between summer and autumn. Aki-Bancha (autumn Bancha) is not made from entire leaves, but from the trimmed unnecessary twigs of the tea plant.


Translations: Bancha Tēja, Bancha Arbata, Bancha Ceai, Trà Bancha, Bancha urządzenia, Bancha चाय, Bancha Chá, Банча чай, Bancha Τσάι, Bancha الشاي, Bancha 차, Bancha Čaj, Bancha Teh, 班榨茶, Te bancha, BANCHA Tea, Banche Čaj, Tè bancha, Bancha תה, Bancha te, Банча чај, 番茶茶, Bancha thé, Bancha Tee, Bancha Te, Té bancha, Банчу чай, Bancha чай



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