Asian Pear


The Asian Pear is a round crunchy fruit resembling a peach. It is similar to apples in texture and similar in taste to pears. At one time, Asian Pears were primarily grown in China and Japan, but are now grown in the United States after demand for the fruit increased.

Many varieties of the Asian Pear exist but the most common variety is round in shape with yellow to brownish bumpy skin. Unlike other pears, Asian Pears are allowed to ripen on the tree and then picked for consumption. They are best eaten raw in salads or alone.


Other names: Japanese Pear, Apple Pear, Nashi Pear
Translations: Āzijas Bumbieru, Azijos Kriaušė, Asia Pear, Azijska kruška, Asian Gruszka, Asiatiske Pear, Азиатские груши, Ασιατικές Αχλάδι, الكمثرى الآسيوية, 아시아의 배, Asijské Hruška, Asian peras, 亚洲梨, Pera asiàtica, Ázijské Hruška, Asian Pera, אגס אסייתי, Asiatiska Pear, Азијски Крушка, アジアペア, Poire asiatique, एशियाई नाशपाती, Pera asiática, Азіатські груші, Aasian Pear, Азиатски Pear

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Bosc pear, Apple, Quince



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