Breakwell's Apple


This variety of apple is named after a specific person who developed it. The apple is small to medium in size with red 'stripes' on the skin and, as it is bittersweet, is primarily used to make apple cider.


Translations: Apple Breakwell του, Breakwell obuolys, Breakwell في أبل, Breakwell je Apple, Apple é Breakwell, Breakwell de Apple, Breakwell lui Apple, Breakwell의 애플, Breakwell je Apple, Breakwell của Apple, Breakwell של אפל, Apple's Breakwell, ブレイクウェルのApple, है एप्पल Breakwell, Брейкуэлл в Apple, Apple Breakwell d', Брейкуелл в Apple, 布雷克韦尔的苹果, Бреаквелл је јабука, Apple Breakwell de, Breakwell на Apple



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