Ricotta Salata


A dry salted sheep's milk cheese with a tangy flavor, not to be confused with soft, mild ricotta cheese. Salata means salted, while ricotta is the process used to create the cheese instead of a specific type of cheese.


Translations: Ρικότα Σαλάτα, Ricotta salotos, الريكوتا Salata, Ricotta Salat, Рицотта Шалата, Salata ricotta, Ricotta Šalata, ריקוטה Salata, Рикотта Salata, リコッタサラタ, Ricotta Šalata, Рікотта Salata, 里科塔萨拉塔, Ricotta salata, Рикота салата

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Feta cheese


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