Chicken Breast Tenders

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Chicken Breast Tenders are simply strips of chicken breast that have had the fat and bone removed. They are more easily cooked (usually fried) and eaten.


Other names: Chicken Strips, فيليه صدر الدجاج
Translations: Vistas krūts Piedāvājumus-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Vištienos krūtys Pasiūlymai-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Piept de pui Ofertele-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Pileća prsa Tenderi-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Gà vú Đấu Thầu-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Oferty piersi kurczaka-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kipfilet offerte-فيليه صدر الدجاج, चिकन स्तन निविदायें-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Peito de Frango Licitações-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Куриная грудка-Тендеры فيليه صدر الدجاج, Κοτόπουλο στήθος προσφορές-فيليه صدر الدجاج, الدجاج الثدي المناقصات ، فيليه صدر الدجاج, 치킨 유방 헬멧 - فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kuřecí prsa Nabídky-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Ayam Payudara Tender-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Dibdib ng manok Tenders-فيليه صدر الدجاج, 鸡胸肉招标,فيليهصدرالدجاج, Les ofertes de pit de pollastre-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Piščančje prsi Ponudbe-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kuracie prsia Ponuky-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Petto di Pollo offerte-فيليه صدر الدجاج, עוף המכרזים-فيليه השד صدر الدجاج, Kycklingbröst Anbud-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Пилеће груди Тендери-فيليه صدر الدجاج, 鶏胸肉調達-فيليهصدرالدجاج, Poitrine de poulet offres-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Hähnchenbrust-Angebote فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kyllingebryst Bud-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kyllingbryst Anbud-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Las ofertas de pechuga de pollo-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Куряча грудка-Тендери فيليه صدر الدجاج, Kananrintaa Tarjoukset-فيليه صدر الدجاج, Пилешки гърди Офертите-فيليه صدر الدجاج

Physical Description

Chicken Breast Strips are the white meat of the chicken rich in protein.The terms "chicken breast tender" and "chicken breast tenderloin" can be used interchangeably to describe this food.

Colors: Pink when raw, white when cooked

Tasting Notes

Flavors: mild, meaty, umami
Mouthfeel: Tender, Moistm juicy
Food complements: Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Macaroni and cheese
Wine complements: Red and white wines
Beverage complements: Beer, Hard cider, Juice
Substitutes: Turkey breast tenders, Pork tenderloin

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: When buying, the freshest cuts of meat should be chosen if not frozen. Cook chicken breast strips immediately or freeze until consumption.
Buying: Free range chicken breast strips are the healthier choice if one wants to avoid chicken laden with hormones. They are typically sold in packs in the poultry section of the meat department in grocery stores. They can also be found frozen individually in bags precooked or uncooked.

Preparation and Use

Although chicken breast strips are good grilled and baked, they are typically fried. They can be part of pastas, salads, main entree of a meal, or they can be cooked for a quick snack with a choice of dipping sauce.

Can be cooked Southwestern style for fajitas with bell pepper, salt, onions, pepper, and spices.

Can be fried for fried chicken Caesar salad with spinach, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, and garlic croutons.

Grilled chicken strips with bar b que sauce and french fries for a quick bar b que lunch.

Coat chicken strips in grated Parmesan cheese and fry in olive oil to top savory Alfredo pasta.

Fry chicken strips with flour and toss in buffalo sauce for blazin' buffalo chicken strips. Can be served with bleu cheese or ranch. Can also be served with celery or carrots.

Cleaning: Always keep raw food and cooked food separately. For a quick cooking tip, chicken breasts defrosted in cold water will thaw faster than those defrosted in warm water. Chicken should be thoroughly rinsed before preparation.

Conserving and Storing

Uncooked chicken breast strips should be frozen promptly to avoid spoil.


Chicken is the most commonly eaten meat worldwide.



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