Mexican Oregano


Mexican oregano, Lippia graveolens is closely related to lemon verbena and a different plant than the oregano (Origanum) used in Italian cooking.


Translations: Meksikas Oregano, Meksikos papaja, Oregano mexican, Meksički Origano, Mexico rau oregano, Mexicaanse Oregano, मैक्सिकन अजवायन की पत्ती, Oregano mexicano, Мексиканские орегано, Μεξικάνικη Ρίγανη, المكسيكي الأوريجانو, 멕시코 오레가노, Mexická Oregano, Oregano Meksiko, Mehikano oregano, 墨西哥奥勒加诺, L'orenga mexicà, Mehiški Origano, Mexická Oregano, Origano messicano, מקסיקני אורגנו, Mexikansk Oregano, Мексички Оригано, メキシコオレガノ, Mexique origan, Mexikanischer Oregano, Mexicanske Oregano, Meksikansk oregano, El orégano mexicano, Мексиканські орегано, Meksikon Oregano, Мексикански риган

Physical Description

Colors: Dark green

Tasting Notes

Wine complements: Sauvignon blanc, Meat fondue

Selecting and Buying

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Eat well and be well,


Preparation and Use

Try it in meat stew dishes.



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