Broiler Duckling


A broiler duckling is under 8 weeks of age and weighing approximately 4-6 pounds. Common cooking methods include roasting, sauteing, and grilling. Often only the breast is prepared, and the legs are often prepared as confit.


Translations: Broileru Duckling, Broilerių ančiukas, Ratusca Broiler, Broiler pače, Xúc xích Duckling, Duckling brojlerów, विवाद करनेवाला बत्तख़ का बच्चा, Patinho Broiler, Бройлер Утенка, Παπάκι Broiler, البطيطة التسمين, 굽는 오리, Brojler káčátko, Broiler Itik, Ihawan sisiw ng pato, 肉鸡绿翅鸭, Aneguet asador, Brojler káčatko, Broiler anatroccolo, הברווזון Broiler, Броилер паце, ブロイラー小鴨, Broiler Ælling, Patito asador, Бройлер Каченя, Broileri ankanpoikanen, Бройлери патенце

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