A flat headed bearded freshwater fish resembling a cross between an eel and a catfish. Burbot fish can range in color from olive green to brownish yellow with a white underbelly.

Burbot fish are usually found on the bottom of cold, deep lakes and rivers throughout North America, Asia and Europe. The meat is white with a taste similar to Cod and Lobster.


Other names: Ling Cod, Ling, Lawyer Fish, Loache, Freshwater Cod, Lota Lota, "Poor Man's Lobster"
Translations: Vēdzele, Vėgėlė, Manić, Cá lấu, Miętus, Kwabaal, Lake, Biênio, Налим, Παχύχελο, البربوط سمك نهري, 모캐, Mník, Bebot, Lota, Mani, Mieň, Bottatrice, Lake, Манић, カワミンタイ, Lotte, Quappe, Fersekvandskvabbe, Lota, Минь, Matikka, Михалица



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