Crookneck Squash


Crookneck squash is a type of summer squash with a classically crooked shape and a rich yellow rind. They can be used interchangeably with other types of summer squash, such as zucchini, in a variety of recipes. In addition to being available in many markets during the summer, crookneck squash can also easily be grown at home almost everywhere, as long as the summer is reasonably warm. In extremely warm climates, crookneck squash may be induced into growing year round.


Other names: Yellow Crookneck
Translations: Crookneck Skvošs, Crookneck Σκουός, Crookneck Skvošas, Crookneck الاسكواش, ツルクビカボチャスカッシュ, Crookneck 스쿼시, Zucca gialla allungata Squash, Crookneck סקווש, Цроокнецк сквош, Crookneck स्क्वैश, Crookneck Сквош, Crookneck壁球, Crookneck Сквош, Crookneck Esquaix, Crookneck Скуош



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