Balsam-Pear Pods


Balsam Pear Pods contain sweet tasting, edible seeds. Eating the seeds is known to cause nausea.


Other names: Bitter Gourd Pods, Bitter Melon Pods
Translations: Balzams-Bumbieru Pods, Balzamas-pear Pods, Balsam-pear Pods, Balsam-Kruška Pods, Balsam-Gruszka Pods, Balsam Pear-Pods, Balsam-नाशपाती फली, Bálsamo-pêra Pods, Бальзам-груша Бобы, Βάλσαμο-Αχλάδι ΠΕΤΡΕΣ, بلسم الكمثرى ، حاضن., 봉숭아 - 배 콩깍지, Balsam-Hruška lusky, Balsamo-peras Pods, 苦瓜,梨舱, Bàlsam de pera-Pods, Balsam-Pear stroki, Balsam-Hruška struky, Balsamo-Pera Pods, בלזם-Pods אגס, Балзам-Крушка махуна, バルサム-梨ポッド, Balsam Pear-Pods, Balsam-Birne Pods, Balsam-Pære Pods, Bálsamo de pera-Pods, Бальзам-груша Боби, Balsamia-Päärynä pod, Балсам-Круша Pods



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