Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops

January 14, 2012

These Groundhog Day cupcake push pops are absolutely adorable. A tiny candy groundhog sits atop layered mini cupcakes and is topped with a layer of snowy buttercream. Alternatively, you could place the little groundhog on top of the buttercream to depict him emerging from his little hideaway.

For another push-up cupcake, check out these PushCakes.


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Sue's picture

This is an incredibly cute idea! My birthday is on ground hogs day, I may well have a different sort of cake this year. Love it!

Erica's picture

Too Cute!!!! How do I make those? My daughter's birthday is Feb. 2 and I would love tomake those for her.

Karlyn Oyama's picture

The recipe is here:

Jessica Roberts's picture

These are sooo cute!! What a fun idea!!

cindy's picture

How do you make these??

cindy's picture

how do you make these? please post recipe