Coriander Seed


Small seeds that are used to produce aromatic oils, which are often added to perfumes, liqueurs and soaps. The leaves of the plant are the herb cilantro.


Other names: Coriander, Cilantro, Chinese Parsley
Translations: Koriandra sēklu, Kalendros sėklos, Seminţe de coriandru, Korijandar sjemenarstvo, Nasion kolendry, Korianderzaad, धनिया बीज, Semente de coentro, Семена, Σπόροι κορίανδρου, بذور الكزبرة, 고수 씨앗, Koriandr Seed, Ketumbar Benih, Unsoy Buto, 芫荽种子, Llavors de Coriandre, Koriander Seed, Koriander Seed, Coriandolo Seed, זרעי כוסברה, Korianderfrö, Семе коријандера, コリアンダーシード, Graines de coriandre, Koriandersamen, Koriander Frø, Korianderfrø, Semillas de Cilantro, Насіння, Korianterin siemeniä, Кориандър Семената

Physical Description

Medium sized seed about 5mm or 1/8", mottled tan color with hard shell; looks similar to a white peppercorn

Colors: Tan

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Mild, Sweet, and Citrus
Food complements: Mexican, Thai, Tex-mex

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober
Peak: may, june, july, august, september
Choosing: Look for bright green leaves and a noticeable scent. Make sure no leaves are wilted.
Buying: Fresh green leaves with no signs of yellowing or wilting
Procuring: Sow after nightime temperatures are regulaly above 50 degrees. Place seed directly into soil about 1cm or 1/2" below soil line. Sprout will grow 7 to 10 days if warm enough at night. Sow in cycles throughout season to keep fresh leaves available. Harvest entire plant after seeds turn a light brown. Store in a paper bag seeds down.

Preparation and Use

Used in many dishes coriander seed should be ground fine due to the hard shell which is not very palatable. When making stocks, broth, or anything that is strainable the whole seed is fine.

Cleaning: Rinse before grinding

Conserving and Storing

Whole seed to be used for food can last for years, ground seed will only last 6 months before natural oils start to go rancid.


History: Oringinated in the mediteranian, Coriandrum sativum is grown all over the world. There are many health benefits attributed to ingestion. There is even mention of this spice in the bible.



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