Crab Apple


Malus the apples, is a genus of about 30–35 species of small deciduous trees or shrubs in the family Rosaceae. Other studies go as far as 55 species [2] including the domesticated Orchard Apple, or Table apple as it was formerly called (M. domestica, derived from M. sieversii, syn. M. pumila). The other species and subspecies are generally known as "wild apples", "crab apples", "crabapples" or "crabs".


Translations: Krabju Apple, クラブアップル, Krabų obuolių, سلطعون أبل, Planá jabloň, Metsäomenapuu, 크랩 애플, Planá jabloň, Cua Apple, עוזרד, Pohon apel liar, केकड़े सेब, Краб Apple, Manzana silvestre, Краб Apple, 柰, Krabbe Apple, Краба јабука, Poma silvestre, Рак Apple



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